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Home is where the art is

Most interior decorating books have you put a picture on the wall as the finishing touch. But Natalie Papier, star of Magnolia’s Artfully Designed, wants you to start with the art. To create a room you love, simply begin with something that moves you. 

Art is everywhere, and Natalie shows how to find it—whether it’s a beloved heirloom object, a painting, or textile. With visual guides, insightful ideas, and straight talk, she helps you build from your inspiration to incorporate the textures, patterns, colors, and furnishings that make spaces feel perfect to you.

This revolutionary approach creates endless freedom to decorate with what you already have—liberating you from budget pressure while transforming rooms that speak to—and from—the soul. 

Pre-order your copy
(Out October 29, 2024)

About the Authors

Natalie Papier is a designer, art curator, and TV personality based in Charlotte, North Carolina, who believes that meaningful design starts with the art. Papier champions artists across the globe and features her favorites on her Instagram account (@home_ec_op) and her Magnolia Network show, Artfully Designed. Her product partnerships include a lighting line with Mitzi and a wallpaper collection with Mitchell Black. Along with her husband, Alan, and kids, Kellen and Maddie, Papier moved from Chicago to Charlotte in 2020 (with dog, Billy, and cat, Boots, in tow) and brought her design firm, Home Ec., and a whole lot of color along with her.
Stephanie Sisco is a writer based in Tampa, Florida. She and Papier met when Sisco was the home director at Real Simple in New York City. After giving birth to her first son, P.J., Sisco and her family moved home to Florida, and she and Papier reconnected to develop a book proposal. Sisco has welcomed another son, William, while working with Papier on this book.

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